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Acid Wash and Tile Calcium Removal

Calcium Removal by Bead Blasting
Starting at $490.00 and up. Some pools stains are so stubborn that they may require acid to remove them. The Acid Wash service is usually done over the course of 2 - 3 days and includes:

Day 1 - Drain the pool/spa
Day 2 - Empty the skimmers, pump basket and pool cleaner bag
Day 2 - Wash down the walls and floors
Day 2 - Wash and brush the walls with an acid solution
Day 2 - Rinse the walls, neutralize and drain the acid
Day 2 - Clean the pool filter
Day 3 - Add appropriate chemicals to fresh water pools
Day 3 - Add appropriate amount of salt to salt pools (additional fee for salt)

Tile Calcium Removal

While the pool is empty, it's a great time to remove old calcium build up from your tile. Ask about a free estimate.