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What a pool owner can do to protect their pool and family:

  • Contract year round service to a pool service professional.
  • Clean skimmer basket in between serviceman's visits.
  • Keep all foreign objects out of pool. Most objects left in pool for any length of time will stain pool plaster and cause unnecessary repair bills.
  • Get on an algaecide program through warmer months.
  • Keep water level at appropriate level; usually in the middle of skimmer opening. This helps the pool pull debris off the top of the water and also helps to assure proper filtration.

What a pool owner can expect from Radiant Pool & Spa Service:

  • We check Chlorine and pH readings at each visit. We also check for Total Alkalinity, Conditioner and salt as needed.
  • We remove natural debris from the pool at each visit.
  • We keep the pool clean and free of algae if you are on our algae program.
  • You will have first priority for repairs.
  • We return calls quickly.
  • We deliver chemicals and salt for sanitation.
  • We brush tile as needed.
  • We promote equipment longevity and lower repair bills.
  • We check for equipment leaks or any blockages each visit.

When was the last time you changed your Pool Water?

There comes a point in the life of your pool's water when chemicals become less effective. The level of total dissolved solids becomes high after several years and your water can become "stale". We recommend draining and putting in fresh water every 5 - 7 years. Contact us today for this service.